The National Enquirer showed Travolta in drag

The National Enquirer showed Travolta in drag As they say, trouble came - open the gate. After a male masseur, then several other guys accused John Travolta of sexual harassment, all the actor's life went downhill.Yesterday newspaper the National Enquirer has broken up Travolta, posting old photos on which he flaunts in the image of a painted girl in a wig with earrings and necklace. And it's not footage from the musical "Hairspray" or some other movie, and the real pictures from a party in Los Angeles, where John had fun back in 1997, six years after the marriage to his current wife Kelly Preston.In addition, the publication also claims that after this whole sordid affair spouse Travolta decided to file for divorce. This was reported by a friend the star family:"Kelly told me their marriage is destroyed, and admitted that he no longer lives in their house," said the source. - She tried to put up with his double life for many years until his behavior became public knowledge. But when the truth was unveiled, she was very humiliated. Now it feels broken.".

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