Venice film festival opens with `Treason` Serebrennikov

Venice film festival opens with `Treason` SerebrennikovIn Venice on Wednesday starts the famous international film festival. In the program more than three thousand paintings. Russia in the competition will present Kirill Serebryannikov with the film "Betrayal".In other programs will show the films of Alexei Balabanov and documentary Lyubov Arkus. This year the festival has a new Director and new guidelines - at the Arthouse.Venerable Venetian lions this year 80 years old, the audience waited for the stars and celebration. And in the poster is not a single Hollywood movie, denied even Tarantino and "Anna Karenina" with keira Knightley. In General, anything trendy and secular - only good movie copyright. The ideologist of change - new old Director Alberto Barbera. He is already the leader Mostrou, left in 2002, after the arrival of Berlusconi, and now, after his departure he returned."Because the competition among festivals is huge, we are aware that we need to change, otherwise we cannot survive. In the past 10 years in the Venice film festival had invested a lot of money that enabled him to stay the same as 20 years ago," says Alberto Barbera.Even the opening film of the Barber chose not postcard. Least of all the Director of the festival wanted to forgot about it immediately after the ceremony. "The reluctant fundamentalist" - the story of a young Pakistani man who has made a career on wall Street, and then came 11 September 2001. Another of the new: the competition has become more modest - 18 instead of 23 paintings, and Contracampo" - with contemporary Italian cinema was canceled, the selection criteria for the parallel competition "Horizons" has become stricter.Trying to be original, Venice kept 80 years - gave up. Today on the beach of the hotel Excelsior finish mounting the first ever festival film market. The deal made before, but for the first time officially and in such conditions. The prospect of a Venetian market is not worse Cannes - sea in two steps, the question is how to react sellers and buyers.Official partner of the film market this year and will be Roskino - in Venice show 18 domestic films. The program of the festival will open on Wednesday, "Treason" Cyril Serbrennikov - love drama, in which the renowned Russian theatre and film Director took Russian and European actors."We simply long time to do, and this was due to the dubbing and final finishing. I can honestly say that the last work on copies, print copies were made yesterday. So we really do not have time at that picture, so to speak, of the chamber, she's not really that big. I mean, so to say, the number of people in it, the screen involved," says Kirill Serebrennikov.Out of competition Alexey Balabanov and directorial debut Lyubov Arkus. But most importantly - the distribution of Lviv, which will fight Takeshi Kitano, De Palma, Terrence. Source: Venice film festival opens with "Treason" Serebrennikov.

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