At the Paris Opera for the first time was a pop concert

At the Paris Opera for the first time was a pop concertBritish singer George Michael was the first pop musician who has acted with a concert in Paris State Opera, Agence France-Presse.Concert in support of the French charity funds for the fight against AIDS took place on Sunday 9 September and, together with the ensuing dinner brought to charities 289 thousand euros. All tickets for the Opera, for 2 thousand seats were sold, and ticket prices reached € 1300. In addition, tickets were sold for dinner for six with George Michael.George Michael performed at the Paris Opera as part of the "Symphony tour" (Symphonica Tour) for the cities of Europe, which he began in the summer of 2011, but was forced to interrupt in November before a performance in Vienna because of a serious illness. In August 2012, the singer performed at the closing ceremony of the Olympic games in London on 4 September resumed the tour.After the first break was a concert in Vienna. 1000 tickets George Michael gave the Vienna hospital where he was treated in 2011 from a severe form of pneumonia. During the concert the singer thanked doctors for saving her life, writes BBC News. With his permission, the hospital left a total of 300 tickets, and the rest sold to send the proceeds to research on diseases of the lungs. Source: the Paris Opera for the first time was a pop concert.

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