Brad pitt has graced the cover of Interview magazine

Brad pitt has graced the cover of Interview magazine Hollywood actor brad pitt starred in a new photo shoot for the November issue of Interview magazine.On the pages of gloss 48-year-old actor appears in different images, posing for the famous photographer Steven Klein with the extensions on my head and a gun in his hand.In an interview with the magazine, whose author was British Director guy Ritchie, brad admitted that after so many years of working in the film industry now, he preferred not acting, and producing:"I prefer being behind the camera," says the actor - As a producer, you can be part of a team that creates history. Now I like this work more than shooting film".In addition, the actor stated that selects only those movies that you'll be able to appreciate his family - wife Angelina Jolie and six children."The film needs to be good enough to make me want the time to leave my family," admits brad, My family is everything to me. She is everything I have that matters to me. I want the films I shoot, caused them pride, not humiliation". Source: brad pitt has graced the cover of Interview magazine.

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